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Rokenbok 2 Trucks and 1 Trailer
USED Rokenbok  RC Elevator
Rokenbok System RC MONORAIL Bonus TRACK & CROSSING #06224 BRAND NEW IN BOX Rare!
Buy: $37.99
rokenbok chutes
rokenbok lot
rokenbok Down-A-Vator 04730
Rokenbok System START SET Radio Control Construction 34111 BRAND NEW IN BOX Rare
Buy: $43.99
ROKENBOK Start Set Factory Complete With 3 Controllers
Buy: $35.0
Rokenbok building system pieces
RokenBok Conveyor Company Start Set Construction System~VGUC~Missing/few pieces
Buy: $35.0
Buy: $21.99
Rokenbok building system pieces
Rokenbok System remote control unit and starer set PARTS
Lot Of 10 Rokenbok orange barrels 25 red balls and 25 blue balls
Buy: $13.99
Rokenbok System POWER ROK-LIFT Motorized 110 Pcs #04314 BRAND NEW IN BOX Rare!
Buy: $29.99
Rokenbok Wireless RC Loader with Radio Control Keys and Balls
MAKE OFFER! SEE VIDEOS! HUGE lot Rokenbok building toy Lego compatible age 6+
Big Rokenbok Lot Controller Conveyor Base and chips Vehicle
ROKENBOK 04333 Inventor's Tool Box Monorail Track
Buy: $64.99
Rokenbok Pump Station Starter Set W/ R/C Controller + Controller Station
Rokenbok Crane
Rokenbok - Monorail Crossing
Rokenbok 1990's Rok Processing Plant Replacement Pieces Balls Worker Signs Lot
Rokenbok Chutes bins dump bins and bin holders
Rokenbok RC Classic Emergency Speedster Car Vehicle Wireless Radio Control 1998
RokenBok Skip Track ST440 Bulldozer  - FREE SHIPPING
Rokenbok Lot Decorations
Rokenbok Night Shift trailer with working lights
Buy: $14.0
RokenBok System Monorail Track
Rokenbok Replacement Parts Lot of 10 - Curved Blocks Beams Black, Gray
Rokenbok 06712 Monorail road crossing - perfect condition
Buy: $14.75
Huge Rokenbok Lot - Forklift w/ Warehouse, Conveyor Company, Loader
Buy: $59.99
Rokenbok Pieces Lot
Rokenbok Controller Tower with Controller
Rokenbok Conveyor Belt
Rokenbok Wireless RC Control Command Deck with 1 Controller 20-00241 2004
Rokenbok - Monorail Crossing - excellent condition, in box
Buy: $14.0
Rokenbok Accessories RC Controller Control Pad
Buy: $14.5
Rokenbok - Monorail Switch Points - excellent condition
Buy: $17.5
Rokenbok Building Pieces Lot
rokenbok crane single ball wheel, yellow, used. only crane and power connector.
Rokenbok Toy Company Inventor’s Kit 04809 Inventor’s Series Over 160 Pieces
Buy: $35.0
Rokenbok Rok’n Roadways  New in Box
Buy: $19.99
Giant rokenbok lot
Rokenbok RC PS422 Power Street Sweeper Vehicle w/ Wireless Controller 5 Figures
Rokenbok Monorail Switch for Manual Change in Track Direction
Buy: $12.2
Lot of Rokkenbok Toys With Vehicles Controllers Receivers
Rokenbok Accessories Purple Decks set
Buy: $13.59
Rokenbok Action Factory Start Set 
Buy: $27.5
Rokenbok Toy Company Inventor’s Kit 04809 Inventor’s Series Over 160 Pieces
Rokenbok Assorted 52 Piece Lot
Buy: $5.95
Rokenbok Lot - Console, Controller and Vehicle
ROK Rokenbok Type Sorter System 30 Balls Orange Brown Yellow Turquoise Blue ¾”
Rokenbok street Sweeper, Loader, truck men and balls
Buy: $40.0
NIB Rokenbok System RC Dozer #04273 NEW SEALED
Rokenbok RC Dozer 1997 Yellow  J1028 tested
Buy: $17.0
Rokenbok action sorter
$10.0 - 1 bid
Rokenbok Lot
Buy: $14.99
Rokenbok Accessories Water Tower Ball Sorter System
Buy: $17.5
Rokenbok Power Rok Lift Set 04314 Accessory Component Part Yellow Replacement
Rokenbok ROK  GARAGE 5 signs NEW
Buy: $31.99
Rokenbok Control Command Tower System w/ 2 controllers and 8Key Chips
Buy: $29.0
rokenbok forklift and loader combo set. no wireless plugs or controller included
Complete Rokenbok Emergency Speedster Vehicle 03221 WITH Box Excellent Condition
Buy: $34.99
Rokenbok System BUILDING VALUE PACK Lego Compatible 158 Pc BRAND NEW IN BOX Rare
Buy: $35.99
Rokenbok Systems Braces and Supports Build Reinforcement 31 pcs Pre-Owned "Blue"
Buy: $4.49
Rokenbok RC PS422 Power Street Sweeper Truck Vehicle White - For Parts
Buy: $9.99
Rokenbok Game Pieces Miscellaneous Two Key Chips Replacement
Rokenbok Large 745-Piece Parts Lot Of Balls Chutes Conveyors Blocks etc NICE LOT
ROKENBOK BASE STATION with 8 Control Units, Power Supply & 1 Controller, #10003
Buy: $49.99
Rokenbok Big Lot Mixed Building Pieces Rokenbok Parts Assorted a few Booklets
Rok Junior beginning builder complete play set
ROKENBOK System - Monorail RAIL STATION # 06323 NEW!
Buy: $34.77
 Rokenbok Lot  MISC  PLATFORMS
 Rokenbok Lot  MISC  conveyer ETC
Rokenbok Lot Control Center and 1 Pad, 2 RC Loaders and PS422
Buy: $50.0
NEW Rokenbok System Construction World #34317 Complete with Instruction Manuel
Lot of Rokenbok Accessories. Component parts. Chutes, Ball Bin Hopper
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ROKENBOK Huge Lot-HUNDREDS of Pieces-Monorail-R.C.Vehicles-Decks-Beams-Rok Tower
Buy: $99.0
ROKENBOK System Huge lot Control Center Blocks rails track vehicles
ROKENBOK Action Factory Start Set #34120 Complete in Box with Manuals
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Huge Lot 20 Pounds Rokenbok Controllers Vehicles Parts Start Building Sets Truck
Rokenbok R/C Vehicle ST440 Front Loader Dozer w/ Figure
Rokenbok Lot Free Shipping Quarry Remote Control Dumptruck Lights Manuals
Buy: $49.95
Rokenbok RC Controller Control Center Legacy Plug Vehicle Controllers Lot
Rokenbok - 07300 Get Rok'n Young Builders Action Set Brand New Factory Sealed
New in Box! Rokenbok System #04291 Green Cargo Trailer Vehicle Transporter
Buy: $24.99
Rokenbok 08220 Forklift With Warehouse + Bonus Rock Star Wireless Controller
Rokenbok System Power Roc-Lift Set 04314
New In Box Rokenbok system RC Monorail Tower & Track 36320 Vintage
Rokenbok Wireless RC Forklift FL427  W/ANTENNA NO KEY OR PARTS
Buy: $24.99
Rokenbok Accessories Vehicle Control Key Chip # 1-8
Auto Center Set #33325 Rokenbok System Building 1999 NEW in BOX
rokenbok inventors tool box series new
Official SEALED BOX 100 Rokenbok System Accessories Cargo Balls 50 Blue/50 Red
ROKENBOK Vehicle Lift, Action Factory Start Sorter Expand RC Keys Set 90s Figure