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antique oil painting On Canvas! Signed By Artist!
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antique oil painting portrait Original On Canvas
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Antique Victorian Genre Portrait Oil Painting, Woman on Beach w/ Binoculars NR <br/> circa-1900 O/C ...... No Reserve!
$56.55 - 6 bids
antique oil painting On Canvas
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antique oil painting landscape With Gild Frame 1920s
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18thC Antique Folk Art Portrait Oil Painting Musician Sheet Music Harpsichord <br/> Oil on Tin, Gold Gilt Frame ...... No Reserve!
$246.5 - 18 bids
Antique Signed California Plein Air Oil Painting Yosemite Sierra Nevada
$51.0 - 9 bids
Antique Signed American Maritime Seascape Clipper Ship O/C Oil Painting, NR <br/> Excellent Condition! ...... No Reserve!
$152.5 - 20 bids
Antique Early 20thC American Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting GoldGilt Frame
$23.95 - 9 bids
Small Antique Unsigned Sailboat Mountain Lake Oil on Board Painting  Gold Frame
$81.0 - 8 bids
Finely Done Portrait of a Lady 19th Century Old Antique Oil Painting NO RESERVE <br/> Framed & Only .77 Opening Bid!!!
$57.78 - 16 bids
Antique Orig Oil Painting - Unframed Canvas - Unfinished Portrait Woman Signed
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Antique Oil Painting European Impressionist Dutch Amsterdam Outdoor Landscape
$181.56 - 36 bids
Antique 19thC Italian Portrait Catholic Cardinal Reading Bible O/C Oil Painting <br/> Signed???...... No Reserve!
$36.0 - 7 bids
Large Antique Signed Maritime Oil Painting, Sailing YACHTS Ship Race, NR <br/> 22x30 O/C...No Reserve...Possible Free Delivery!
$124.5 - 11 bids
Antique 1910 FRANK BUTLER New England Lakehouse Cottage Oil Painting NR <br/> Original! Authentic! ..... No Reserve!
$142.5 - 34 bids
Antique FRANK CHESTER PERRY American Tonalist Winter Landscape Oil Painting, NR <br/> 18x24 O/C ... Rhode Island Artist ... No Reserve!
$40.0 - 9 bids
19thC Antique Signed Maritime Seascape Oil Painting, Yacht Sailing Ship Race NR <br/> Small 6x8 Oil Painting, Gold Gilt Frame ... No Reserve!
$355.0 - 32 bids
Antique Fine Art Oil Painting of Young Girl William Merritt Chase Frame Duveneck
$47.69 - 16 bids
19thC Antique JEAN VICTOR ALBERT GESNE Deer Hunting Hound Dog Oil Painting NR <br/> 15x18 O/C ... No Reserve!
$49.99 - 7 bids
Incredible original Antique oil painting in period frame signed Esther Klein
$27.0 - 6 bids
Vtg Antique Holm 1910 Oil Painting on Board 12x18 Landscape
Buy: $88.0
Antique American Portrait Oil Painting, Old Salt Fisherman & Tobacco Pipe, NR <br/> Original Condition ... No Reserve!
$73.0 - 16 bids
Large Antique Victorian American Still Life Oil Painting, Roses Flower Floral <br/> 22x27 O/C...No Reserve...Possible Free Delivery!
$255.0 - 15 bids
Antique 19th C Oil Painting Luminist Seascape Sailboat Sunset Signed Marten J
$46.0 - 9 bids
Antique 1895 Luhmann ORIGINAL River Scene Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting  yqz <br/> Period Gesso Frame ~ Shabby Chic Condition
$9.5 - 6 bids
Ca1830 Antique AMERICAN EMPIRE Era DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN Oil PORTRAIT PAINTING <br/> 24" X 29" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$57.0 - 11 bids
Santa Barbara Mission California Impressionist Antique Plein Air Oil Painting  <br/> Attributed to Guittardo Piazzoni
19th Century antique Oil Painting Portrait., Victorian
$53.76 - 15 bids
Antique Oil Painting Hardanger Fjord Named Norwegian Artist Olsen 1923
$112.5 - 10 bids
Antique Oil Painting On Tile Signed By Artist!
Buy: $79.99
Beautiful Antique Oil On Wood Young Lady Portrait Painting Italian Or German Art
$9.99 - 1 bid
Carleton Wiggins American Barbizon Antique Oil Painting, Beautiful Art Piece
$1575.0 - 39 bids
Small Antique English Cottage Country Landscape Oil Painting, NR <br/> Oil on Wood Panel ...... No Reserve!
$81.0 - 29 bids
Large Antique 18thC Portrait O/C Oil Painting King Royalty in Armor,, NR <br/> 28x33 ... No Reserve ... Possible Free Delivery!
$587.0 - 38 bids
1891 Antique J. Middleton 19thC American Seascape Maritime Oil Painting, NR <br/> Large 20x30 O/C ... No Reserve
$133.5 - 25 bids
Antique Oil Painting of Flowers, Germany, Framed
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Antique AUGUSTUS SPENCER English Country Cottage Landscape Oil Painting NR <br/> Origial Frame... 12x16 O/B ... No Reserve!
$202.5 - 15 bids
Antique Oil Painting Landscape Cattle W. Burke 1902
Antique Oil on Board Painting Portrait of Young Boy in Elaborate Frame
Antique EMILY HORTENSE BUDELL American Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting, NR <br/> Original Authentic ... 14x17 O/C ... No Reserve!
$112.5 - 22 bids
Large c1900 Antique New England Autumn Mountain Landscape Oil Painting, NR <br/> Original Gilt Frame, No Reserve Possible Free Delivery
$100.0 - 6 bids
Mysterious Bohemian Man Portrait 19th Century Old Antique Oil Painting NO RES. <br/> Signed with Symbol - Nicely Framed & Only .77 Start!!!
$44.43 - 17 bids
Antique Portrait of a Man Oil Painting Signed Illegible Mystery Listed Artist ?
LG 19thC Antique PRIMITIVE Old VICTORIAN Era LADY & BONNET Oil PORTRAIT PAINTING <br/> 33" X 39" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$8.5 - 5 bids
Antique Miniature circa- 1800 Folk Art Landscape Oil Painting on Wood Panel
Buy: $320.0
LISTED William Garl Browne (1823-1894) Antique Landscape w Cottage Oil Painting  <br/> NO RESERVE with a 5" Wide Frame & Only .77 Opening Bid!
$61.0 - 8 bids
Antique Oil Painting
Antique Original Oil on Canvas Castle Painting Signed/Framed
antique oil painting
antique Oil Painting Signed
Antique Venice at Sunset Oil Painting on Board
$3.25 - 2 bids
Antique Oil On Cancas Painting Of Men in Row Boats H. M. Conte
Old antique oil painting of a barn scene Farmer and pigs
Antique American Maritime Seascape Sailboat Fishing Boat Sunset Oil Painting <br/> Oil on Panel ... No Reserve!
$70.0 - 16 bids
19thC Antique CLASSICAL MASTERS Type GENTLEMAN PORTRAIT Old LIBRARY Oil PAINTING <br/> 11" X 14" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$53.0 - 22 bids
Antique A. Alfred Garibaldi American Winter Landscape Oil Painting Signed Listed
Antique Vintage Still Life Oil Painting Orange Fruit Teapot Signed
19thC Antique VICTORIAN Era COUNTRY Primitive ESTATE Old DOGS & BOY Oil PAINTING <br/> 20" X 23" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$63.0 - 13 bids
antique oil painting On Canvas 1914!
Buy: $149.99
Framed Signed Antique Oil Painting on Board Still Life Grapes Fruit
Buy: $199.0
Antique Floral Oil Painting Still Life Poppies Canvas
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antique oil painting landscape Original On Board! 73 Loveta copyright
$19.99 - 2 bids
19thC Antique Italian Cavalier Musketeer Drinking Wine Genre Oil Painting NR
$59.0 - 12 bids
19thC Antique PRIMITIVE Old COUNTRY BOY FISHING Oil FOLK ART Landscape PAINTING <br/> 14" X 16" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$35.0 - 18 bids
Vintage Signed Impressionist Italian Mountain City Oil Painting w/ Carved Frame <br/> Carved & Gilded Frame ...16x20 O/C ... No Reserve!
$54.0 - 10 bids
19thC Antique VICTORIAN Era LADY & GOAT Old ART SCHOOL Masters Copy OIL PAINTING <br/> 13" X 15" ~ 1 of 20+ Paintings Listed Tonight ~ SSAOBX
$26.0 - 8 bids
Antique Signed American Fruit Still Life Oil Painting, Grapes Peaches Orange ++ <br/> Large 29x24 O/C No Reserve Possible Free Delivery!
$25.0 - 3 bids
Antique Orig ERNEST DEZENTJE Indonesia Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting NR <br/> Guaranteed! ... No Reserve!  ...Possible Free Delivery!
$227.5 - 28 bids
Original Antique Oil Painting On Board Cavaliers Pirates Tavern Swords (SIGNED)
Buy: $55.0
Antique Painting Robert Lebron Original Oil Canvas - Harbor Dock Lighthouse RARE
$0.01 - 1 bid
19th Century California antique original oil painting.
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antique oil painting Original By American Artist Scott Leighton 1847-1898 !
Buy: $499.99
oil painting antique
Antique 19th C. Signed Oil Painting Oval Portrait of Beautiful Young Woman
$76.0 - 14 bids
1898 Antique 19thC JAMES ALLEN ST JOHN American Portrait Oil Painting Gilt Frame <br/> Lrg 24x30 O/C..No Reserve..Possible Free Delivery!
$215.5 - 16 bids
Antique FINE 18th 19th Century Oil Painting On Wood Landscape Framed Signed
$56.0 - 23 bids
19C Antique Hudson River School Catskill Creek Oil Painting Aesthetic Frame
Antique Oil Painting on Canvas 1893 Emma Walch Landscape Painting 20 x 14
Buy: $50.0
Antique LOUIS PAPALUCA Younger Maritime Seascape Clipper Ship Oil Painting NR <br/> Authentic! 14x18 ... No Reserve!
$145.93 - 25 bids
Antique Dutch Style Impressionist Riverscape w/Sailboat Signed VTG Oil Painting
$16.5 - 4 bids
ORIGINAL Antique Painting H.J. Topman Oil Canvas Sea Side Framed Signed 3 FT SP
Antique River Landscape Oil Painting on Board Handcarved Handpainted Frame
Antique W. B. Bridge Genre Portrait Interior Oil Painting Woman in Windsor Chair <br/> 16x20 O/C ... No Reserve!
$205.5 - 26 bids
Gorgeous Old Antique ROSE OIL PAINTING  Pink ROSES Canvas Board + FRAME 15.5" 9"
Antique Oil On Canvas Painting as shown.  7 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches
Antique Oil Painting David Hicks
Buy: $275.0
Antique Oil Painting On Canvas In Lemon Gold Leaf Frame
Antique Children Feeding Rabbits Folk Art Oil Painting W/ Orig 1868 Artists Note
Small Antique American Portrait Oil Painting, Young Girl, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes <br/> Very Good Condition ... No Reserve!
$41.99 - 9 bids
Original Oil Painting Landscape Signed Antique Vintage Style
Antique Vintage Signed Oil on Canvas Painting Framed.
Antique California Redwoods Oil Painting Richard DeTreville (1864-1929)
Buy: $295.0
Antique JERZY KOSSAK Military Illustration Oil Painting US Army Cavalry Soldiers <br/> Authentic!...Signed and Dated 1949....No Reserve!
$42.0 - 17 bids
Antique 1920s Art Nouveau Oil On Board Landscape Painting Signed Conrad Magnuson
Antique C Harvey FOLK ART Oil on Canvas Girl & Gray Cat Portrait Painting #2 yqz <br/> One of TWO ~ Late 1800's Early 1900's
$138.49 - 23 bids